By Murray Soupcoff, publisher/editor of “Liberty North”

Believe it or not, there once was a time when liberalism was a philosophy based upon certain time-tested principles and traditions — some of which were even shared by conservatives.

But that, folks, was before the scourge of political correctness destroyed a political ideology that once sought justice for the victims of tyranny everywhere.

Instead, North Americans now have to watch what they say or write for fear of being labelled insensitive, racist, homophobic or even – the worst slur of all – Islamophobic!

In other words, what we currently must endure is suppression of constitutionally-supported free speech, in the name of political correctness.

But what is the real meaning of political correctness, and where did this societal scourge come from?

Well once again I’m going to put on my sociological thinking cap – I earned a PhD equivalent in Sociology many, many moons ago — and try to provide you with a social-cultural/historical answer.

And in positing my explanation/analysis I will draw on the writings of many Marxism experts, including Lewis Feuer (my thesis adviser), Richard D. Wolff,  Herbert Marcuse, Eric Hoffer, Linda Kimbel, and even Karl Marx himself.

Now please don’t get cross with me for going “intellectual”, with the following sociological analysis of the origins of political correctness.

And that’s because it’s sometimes necessary to resort to big words, about a disruptive social trend, in order to defeat it.

And here’s my analysis:

Political correctness is cultural Marxism. It’s Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms.

Surprisingly, it’s a political trend that does not trace it origins back to the 1960s and the “flower-power” crowd (“hippies”), but back to the 19th century.

In fact, if we compare the basic tenets of political correctness with classical Marxism, the parallels are easy to spot.

Certainly, the dictatorial & authoritarian nature of political correctness is revealed, most clearly, on today’s college campuses – the equivalent of ivy-covered North Koreas — in which any professor, student, or college president  — who dares challenge the metaphorical barricades built by the gender, racial-profiling and gay “thought police” on campus — quickly find themselves in trouble.

But were not just talking about trouble on college campuses anymore.

Rather, this is a mindset which has (and has had) widespread devastating impacts on societies worldwide.

And there is a second dimension to cultural Marxism to look at, in order to explain why.

Of course, original economic Marxism (the “manifesto” that got the Communist revolutionary movement started) says that all of history is determined by ownership of the means of production.

Cultural Marxism, currently rechanneled into political correctness, says that all history is determined by power – in terms of which oppressive elites (identified in terms of their race, gender & occupational pursuits) have power over more sympathetic societal groups.

And that, in turn, means that certain demographic groupings – for example, the workers and peasant classes — are ‘a priori’ good.  Additionally, other groups (originally the bourgeoisie & capitalist ruling class) are evil.

Basically, the current “good groups” – as defined by today’s Marxist-derived political correctness – are female feminists, gays, blacks, Hispanics, and even the cross-dressing “transgendered”.

These groups are defined as “victims,” and therefore automatically “good” regardless of how they behave. And similarly, Caucasian males are ‘a priori’ evil, the equivalent of the nefarious bourgeoisie in economic Marxism.

But wait a minute, you ask, how are these destructive classifications determined – surely not with crystal balls & tea leaves?

Well, actually, with the modern-day equivalent – pioneered by ‘cultural modernists’ on today’s enlightened college campuses.

And that wonderful invention? “Deconstuction”, of course!

Deconstruction essentially takes any historical text – for example Shakespeare — removes all meaning from it, and re-inserts any meaning desired by professor or student

And basically that analysis commonly reveals that the offender, like Shakespeare, was sexist, racist or homophobic.

So the similarities are now clear, between the familiar classical Marxism of the old Soviet Union and cultural Marxism which has evolved into today’s political correctness.

The tyranny of the authoritarian Stalinist state has now transmuted into the politically-correct tyranny practiced by the privileged elite who, for example, used to  run the Obama White House.

The declared intent of this new tyranny is to prevent favored groups from being offended — to compel all Americans to avoid using words or behavior that might upset gays, women, blacks, the obese & even deranged.

And that new “tyranny” is used to help these politically tone-deaf members of America’s new ruling elite (located on America’s “left” coasts), to squelch political opposition through the long arm of the “law” of political correctness.

In turn, this punishment is meted out by the new vigilante justice of shaming, via sympathetic media lackeys or allied social media stalwarts who publicize the offenders’ horrid violations of political correctness.

And under such inverted social norms, citizens are disinclined to “get involved” – whether it’s reporting gun violence in troubled urban centers like Baltimore, or reporting suspicious “comings & goings” at the home of the San Bernardino terrorists (and risk being accused of “Islamophobia”).

And what prospects remained for defending the homeland when the FBI were metaphorically disarmed by crippling executive orders, originally emanating from America’s first philosopher king (Emperor Obama) — banning all U.S. government agencies from producing any training materials that link Islam with terrorism, and forcing the FBI to purge references to Islam & terrorism from its teaching curriculum and criminal database.

Or what about the damage inflicted on local law enforcement, when Emperor Obama stopped funding the purchase of armored swat-team vehicles by urban police departments, and ordered all previously-purchased vehicles returned to the federal bureaucracy?
[see http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Justice/2015/0518/Obama-bans-military-equipment-for-police-including-armored-vehicles-video ]

Not to mention that these were the same type of armored vehicles used by the San Bernardino police to rescue surviving victims of the husband/wife terrorist massacre in the city’s center.

And while we’re on the subject of the evils of hypocritical political correctness, dare we ask what has happened to the feminist movement?

In the Middle East, Islamists don’t hesitate to condone female genital mutation, sex slavery, and child rape. And they’re all too willing to hang gays, and stone (to death) female adulterers.

Yet, today’s “feminist” defenders of the right to choose — and to peddle aborted infant body parts – have nary a word of condemnation for the Islamist hyper sexists.

To do so, they imply, would be politically incorrect and offend the feelings of America’s Muslim population.

Hence, my conclusion?

Political correctness is now sparking the death of liberal democracies everywhere.

And when these nations’ obituary is finally written, it will be penned by the Ayatollah (senior religious leader) of the world’s new 21rst-century, planet-wide caliphate!


Author of “Canada 1984, The Year In Review”​ (Lester Orpen)

Co-author (with Rick Salutin & Gary Dunford) of “Goodbye Canada”​ (James Lorimer & Associates)

Publisher of “Soupcoff Report”​ investment newsletter

Senior Associate & founding partner of Ian Sone & Associates Ltd, Canada’s first independent social-research firm, as well as original Canadian initiator of (sociological) “evaluations”​ of federal and provincial social programs set up to assist Canada’s disadvantaged populations

Computer columnist for “Globe & Mail Report on Business”​ for 20 years

Co-editor of “We Compute Magazine”​ for 7 years.

Producer & head writer, “Inside From The Outside”​, CBC Radio & TV

Currently retired, but still active investor and (until recently) contributor to the “Globe Mail” online investment blog.

Email address: mursoupcoff2@gmail.com

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