by Murray Soupcoff, publisher of the ‘Liberty North’ blog

How’s this for perfect timing, folks?

On January 2nd 2016 — for the first time since Hitler’s death —  the German government lifted its nearly 70-year ban on Herr Hitler’s political treatise, “Mein Kampf”, responding to ultra-left (in Lenin speak) “useful idiots” who argue that publication of “Mein Kamp” would be a useful educational tool.

And indeed on that date, a special ‘commemorative’ 2,000-page edition of “Mein Kamp” went on on sale in most German book stores.

And of course, as often occurs when the far left interferes in the normal exercise of government, the timing was simply awful, ridiculously naïve, and, well, really dumb!

Why dumb?

Well, mainly because publication of this literary oeuvre coincided with the stepped-up settlement of hundreds of thousands of anti-Zionist Muslim immigrants throughout Germany.

Never mind that the practice of similar Syrian immigrants, until then, had been to go on welfare – collecting free welfare & medical benefits until the their temporary visas ran out, while simultaneously setting up mosques employing Mullahs (from Saudi Arabia) proselytizing the most extreme version of radical Islamism (Wahhabism).

And yes, while other Muslims might urge abstention from alcohol and eating pork, the Wahhabists are the neo-Nazis of ultra-conservative Islam (in my opinion anyway).

For example, the type of clothing which should be worn — especially by women (a black “abaya”, covering all but the eyes and hands) – is dictatorially prescribed, and enforced by harsh punishment.

Keenly aware of the controversy surrounding “Mein Kampf”, the authorized publisher (the Munich Institute) stressed that its aim was to deconstruct Nazi propaganda, and undermine any symbolic power the book still had.

The question, of course, is whether the manuscript’s “symbolic” content will deconstruct the genocidal propaganda of “Mein Kampf” for Germany’s many new Middle-East immigrants, or perhaps be an invitation to self-radicalize and murder any Jewish infidels they can find.

After all, the post-Holocaust Jewish population of Berlin has now grown to 50,000 easy-to-find targets.

And what better a place to knock off a few Zionist oppressors than Berlin, the birth place of the genocidal Nazi movement?

But now a brief digression to remind American readers that this problem isn’t confined to Europe anymore.

After all, it looks like the Trump administration is still trying adapt to Barack Obama’s feckless 2016 invitation — to at least 80,000 Muslims to resettle in the United States (according to John Kerry anyway).

Most important, though,  has always been the question of whether America can afford the costs of health care, unemployment insurance, food stamps and (likely) welfare to support these new immigrants.

After all, the Obama monarchy ultimately managed to rack up a Federal Debt of at least 18 trillion dollars.

And after you do the math, it’s difficult not to conclude that the federal piggy bank was, well, uhm, empty when “The Anointed One” left office!


But I have digressed too much, in order to let Americans know just how much their elitist cabal failed them, just as the European elite have failed their citizens.

So let’s return to our main thesis – the suicidal sabotage of Germany by their brain-dead political elite.

And how about some relevant statistics?

For example, one tally perfectly illuminates the German Muslim immigrant dilemma: As of 2014, there were now more Muslims in Germany than in Lebanon. In fact, recent projections by the British Government show the German Muslim population rising to 71 million within 20 years.

How bad has this now out-of-control “resettlement” policy gotten?

Well recently the flow of “asylum” applicants, from Syria & Iraq, so overwhelmed “Deutschland’s” immigration bureaucracy that Chancellor Merkel caved in to critics, and temporarily closed Germany’s border with Austria – the source of this unprecedented wave of Muslim migrants.

As one expert, in a recent “Politico” report on the problem, put it:

“Every mayor likes to be a good German, as long as the refugees are not put into his gym.”

In fact, local businesses continue to grumble about the impact the crisis is having on Munich’s annual “Oktoberfest” festival – an event which attracts thousands of credit-card wielding tourists from everywhere.

Moreover, the complaints weren’t confined to Munich. Across Germany, municipal officials were complaining to Ms. Merkel that they simply couldn’t cope with this million-man march of Middle-East émigrés into the Fatherland.

Something had to be done, and closing borders to Austria was Ms. Merkel’s solution to the uhm, Muslim problem.

And according to Oliver Schmidtke – a Canadian expert on migration — “This momentous decision is an indication of how difficult it is to live up to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s declaration that there cannot be any upper limits to accepting refugees from Syria.”


Already, there is a backlog of more than 250,000 applications for asylum at the immigration ministry in Berlin. And on average, it takes more than six months to process them.

And the cost of this resettlement commitment, for German taxpayers?

Over three billion euros annually!

So my conclusion (regarding the preceding)?

Traditional Islam is not compatible with modern Europe’s feminism and hedonistic self-indulgence.

Specifically, the long list of conflicting traditional Muslim cultural practices includes female genital mutation, sex slavery & child rape. And traditional Islamists are more than willing to hang gays, and stone (to death) female adulterers, while condemning individual (narcissistic) pleasure.

If the recent American experience is any predictor, then Germans will have to try & keep their heads (as the saying goes) — since beheadings, by self-radicalized Islamists, may soon become the new residents’ crime of choice.

And how about German citizens avoiding walking their dogs, or even leaving them outside, since a new kind of “genocide” has already occurred in other regions of Europe settled by Syrian refugees – killing dogs.

In my opinion, expect ordinary Germans to literally rebel in response to such phenomena, with the siren song of a Nazi “New Order” beckoning them.

Then throw in the emergence of an accompanying new wave of anti-Semitism – a comforting call to Jihad, for Germany’s new resettled refugees.

And the likely result?

A new German holocaust!

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