by Murray Soupcoff

Muslim Rapist: “Dude we were seven guys. Some on the floor, three on the beds. They were bunk beds. Three were on top, three were below. Adim switched off the light and f***ed her. He deflowered her. She was a virgin. You must imagine that! Virgin! And we were still six guys on top of the bed, dude. And he: Bang! Bang! And we on top of the bed jumped down, she screams and of course she was fighting back and so on. And we had her legs, dude. Bang! One held her over there, the other over there, dude. And than, dude: Sinan and the others. One after another, dude. Virgin, dude! Well done, dude! I swear to you. She cried after that, she couldn’t go on any longer And we, like pigs we spit on her. Sperm and dirt all over her. We really got milked.“

Cameraman: “And you f***ed her in the a**, right?“

Muslim Rapist: “DUDE, it was a virgin! And we DESTROYED her with seven guys, dude. Didn’t f**k her a**. But not in the a** though.”

What a charming, though shamelessly honest dude.

And yes, shocking misogynist brutality against an innocent young woman in Germany again, one of the many Munich “mysognistfests” staged in Germany by its grateful middle-east guest immigrants since New Years Eve (2016).

For the most comprehensive report on all this politically-correct European & North American “multicultural diversity” gone wild, please check out the following Web site at your leisure (and growing disgust):

But where were the Fab Four fossils of traditional feminism that same evening, when their young innocent European “sisters” were being tossed from one guest-immigrant assailant to another for sexual pleasure – treating these women like a goat in heat in their homelands?

Was 81-year-old Gloria Steinem attending a Bernie Sanders rally, trying pick up male seniors for a roll in the hay (as her now irrelevant feminist generation once used to phrase casual sexual assignations)?

Or perhaps Madeline Albright was riding her witches’ broom through the streets of Charleston (South Carolina) that night, searching for traitorous millennial female Sanders voters so that she could condemn them to that special place in Hades which she believes if reserved for traitors to the feminist cause.

And what of Hillary Clinton? Was she too busy “scrubbing” her illegal home-based personal server of possible evidence of criminal wrong doing, and of outright lies about possession classified e-mails (which she made in press conferences).

Or was she erasing videos of her clumsily-executed “downward dog” yoga exercises, and her recipe files for baking some humble pie for Bill?

Or what about Sandra Fluke, the American women's rights activist who became a liberal mainstream media darling when she demanded free government coverage of birth control for women, at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Was she too busy rushing to the pharmacist to have her publicly-subsidized birth control prescription filled, so she could possibly meet Bill Clinton for late night tryst while Hillary was still busy scrubbing clean her felonious e-mail server?

And what about Canadian-born feminist and “Gaia-rights” advocate, Nioami Klein?

Was this crony environmentalist too busy labeling her birth-place, Canada, as guilty of engaging in climate criminalism by hosting the 2012 G20 climate conference and unleashing scores of Toronto police on “innocent” protesters setting fires and destroying popular retail outlets (for the wealthy) – a conference originally initiated by the crony corporate capitalists who had supported the most villainous climate-change denier in the world, Stephen Harper (former Conservative Prime Minister of Canada)?

The bottom line is that despite multitudinous reports of misogynist behavior by believers in the Islamist interpretation of Koran, very few fossil feminists have stepped up to the podium to denounce even some of the following most barbaric socio-cultural practices of Islamist followers or sympathizers: (1) female genital mutilation; (2) forcible marriages of female children (as young as three years old) to pedophilic seniors – often old enough to be their grandfather; and (3) the new Islamist normal of sex slavery for captured Christian & Muslim women, and thriving sex-trade auctions comparable to the plantation days of the old American confederacy.

Middle-East human rights advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- who was born and raised as a Muslim in Somalia (and is the author of the best-selling book, “Infidel”) -- provides many examples of such anti-female practices while describing her own coming of age in an “orthodox” Muslim family in Somalia (born in 1969, she is 46 years old):

“Anywhere where sharia is implemented, you see incredible inhumanity. People’s hands are cut off. Women are confined to their homes and are stoned. Peopled are hanged. Homosexuals are hanged or must hide. That is Iran, Saudi Arabia . . . Afghanistan under the Taliban. Parts of Somalia are now under sharia rule. Anywhere there is sharia rule, there is violation of human rights."

Yet, the feminist movement appears to be AWOL on standing up for the rights of their Middle East “sisters” (along with sexually-violated young European women).


In my opinion, the current American “sisterhood” particularly seems to be most peopled by (1) wealthy white, privileged East Coast achievers, and (2) Hollywood celebrities – with both groups, despite their hypocritical betrayals of young female victims everywhere, believing that being a feminist simply constitutes reading “Ms.” Magazine. or supporting Hillary Clinton in the Democrat 2016 leadership race.

And, as a sociologist, what do I think is the real social-cultural phenomenon fueling such predictable behavior?

Well it appears to me that the North American ultra-left feminist movement makes use of such condemnatory words as “moral”, “human rights” and “ justice for women & children” to further its mission of demonizing those whom it hates and wants removed from power – and only for one reason, smoothing its own path to power.

For these righteous folks, morality is not an innate value. Instead, it is a political tool for establishing their own feminist caliphate in the “homelands” of Canada and the United States.

And again, in my opinion, what began as an authentic mission for women’s rights has evolved into a hatred for the “patriarchal society” which this elitist clique equates with believing in the Judaeo-Christian ethic: minimally following the tenets or spirit of the original “Ten Commandments”

Forget the pledge of America’s founding fathers, which still adorns most American courthouse walls: “In God We Trust”.

Not any more, you right-wing cretins who still believe in this guff!

For example, while living in their luxurious townhomes & gated L.A. communities, these “secular humanist” feminists mindlessly condemn America, while happily singing their praises for such other superior atheistic nations as Venezuela and Cuba.

Attending cheer-leading events in Zurich or Brussels, they stay in four-star hotels for a few days; and then they return to North America, proclaiming their solidarity and “oneness” with the Third World.

Not that any one of them would spend even a few minutes “socializing” with a genuine poverty-stricken Third World citizen, even if they tripped on one – after all, these are the kind of Third Worlders they likely view as too dirty and smelly to spend any social time with.

For such pampered “women’s rights” advocates, it’s no longer about upholding principle, but staying in the good graces of those whose social acceptance they so badly hunger for: left-wing academics and the talking heads of MSNBC, CNN and CBC radio (in Canada).

The bottom line of this opinion piece?

Wealthy leftists like George Soros, Hollywood narcissists like George Clooney, and today’s trendy feminist elite are part of the cheering squad for today’s Islamists, who’ve utilized their ill-gotten oil and ransom money to portray themselves as victims, even though they are now the rulers of 1/3 of the world’s population (having created the new twenty-first century Muslim caliphate).

By publicly identifying themselves with such alleged “victims” of right-wing smears (supposedly perpetrated by “Fox News”), this elitist clique of cheerleaders -- for all anti-American causes -- hopes this will be their ticket to protection from personal attacks on them (as privileged Caucasian hypocrites) from leftist “Toronto Star” columnists (in Canada) and CAIR, “Move On”, or even the “Black Lives Matter” movement (in the United States).

Worthy heirs of the ideological ailment of “bleeding heartism” passed on to them from their European counterparts!
--Canada’s New Prime Minister Does Not Belong To Canada, troche But In Governing Style And Execution, diagnosis Belongs Completely To The Anti-American President Next Door

By Judi McLeod

President Barack Obama spent more than the past seven years flagrantly dissing America. Now that’s he’s passing his mantle on to Hillary Clinton, cialis Obama is using willing surrogates and satellites from outside of America to do his dissing for him:

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to President Barack Obama’s State Dinner as an open and fully-fledged anti-American.

With only 39 percent of the popular vote when top members of Obama’s campaign team helped bring him into power on October 19, Trudeau now claims to speak for all Canadians when he says “Canadians would appreciate it if Americans paid more attention to what’s going on around the globe”.

This is what happens when Canadians are too busy trying to get by in an economy where the Canadian dollar (Worth .75 American) is the weakest it’s been for the past 13 years.

Trudeau, who has no need to go after main street Americans who have been no bother to him, said in a ’60 Minutes’ interview to be aired tonight that “it might be nice if they paid a little more attention to the world” in a transcript released to the Associated Press on Thursday.

American citizens, who will be paying the freight for what has been described as a “glitzy”, “sparkly” State Dinner on March 10, can legitimately say that their most recent enemy is coming to dinner at the White House.

It seems that the Canadian lib-left have resented being ignored by America:

“Trudeau said Canadians must be aware of at least one other country, the United States, because of its importance. (CBC)

“I think we sometimes like to think that, you know, Americans will pay attention to us from time to time, too,” he said.

Some would dare to suggest that Trudeau is looking for “attention”in all the wrong places.

In Canada, Trudeau leads a Liberal Party, which just like the American Democrats, see themselves as the Natural Governing Party but whose newest, would-be members were already well neutered even before election. No pro-lifers were allowed to run for election and had their candidacies automatically and routinely dismissed.

“He also seemed to take a jab at an unnamed U.S. presidential candidate whose rise he attributed to Americans’ lack of knowledge of foreign affairs. (CBC)

“A spokeswoman for Trudeau said she didn’t immediately know what candidate Trudeau was referring to.”

That’s a bold-faced, Hillary Clinton-like lie when most know it was Republican front runner Donald Trump to whom Trudeau was referring.

Most also know that just as the Obama campaign team should have had no sway in October’s federal Canadian election, Trudeau should have no sway in the American one.

Any Canadians who were holding out hope that Trudeau would back off from his ambitious plans to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada will see on ’60 Minutes’, he is Obama-like only doubling down.:

“Lara Logan, a co-host of the weekly newsmagazine, the most-watched news program in the United States, asked the prime minister whether he was concerned about the prospect of a terrorist attack initiated by a Syrian refugee. (CBC)

“Every time a tourist or an immigrant or refugee shows up in another country, there is a security risk,” Trudeau said in a preview posted online by 60 Minutes.

“I am more than comfortable that … accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees does right by both the safety of Canadians and by the values that define us as a nation.”

The prime minister contrasted his plan for Syrian refugees with that of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

“Ultimately being open and respectful towards each other is a much more powerful way to diffuse hatred and anger than ... big walls and oppressive policies,” Trudeau said.
He also defended his move to pull back CF-18 jets fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

“There’s a lot of countries that do very well dropping bombs. There are other things that Canada actually does better than most other countries. And one of them is training people on the ground,” Trudeau said, adding Canada will triple the number of military trainers working with the Kurdish Peshmerga.

Trudeau detractors, aware that as former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s scion, he lived his adult life to date as a Trust Fund baby, are concerned about his lack of experience in the working world.

Saying that he won’t be defined by his critics, he asserted on ’60 Minutes’, “I was a snowboard instructor, I was a bouncer in a nightclub, I was a whitewater river guide … I worked as a teacher, “adding he’s not ashamed of his work experience.

Aside from the $1-billion-a-year taxpayer supported Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC’s) gloating on election night, there’s been little media criticism about Trudeau’s glaring ties with the anti-America Obama regime.

Only this publication and the Globe and Mail reported on Obama’s campaign team helping to run Trudeau’s 2015 election campaign. (Canada Free Press)

Since election, there have been no noticeable signs of organized taxpayer resistance to any of Trudeau’s policies. Only silence followed his announcement that he was withdrawing Canadian fighter jets from their missing against ISIS, and only silence follows his endeavors to make Canada a country of late-term abortion and doctor-assisted suicide.

No Liberal MP has spoken out to date on Trudeau’s insults to American citizens.

The Liberal status quo speaks by its silence.

Canadians are convinced that Liberal eunuchs will never lead a palace revolt.

In a tumultuous western world of few certainties, it is now certain that Canada’s new prime minister does not belong to Canada, but in governing style and execution, belongs completely to the anti-American president next door!



By Heather Wilhelm

A few weeks ago, viagra I took my three young children to a stage show called “Wild Kratts Live.” If you’re not already immersed in the bizarre world of children’s television, I understand if this sounds odd, but bear with me. It gets weirder.

The hugely popular “Wild Kratts,” broadcast on PBS Kids, features two enthusiastic, bouncy middle-aged brothers named Martin and Chris Kratt. The show, which features Martin and Chris turning into cartoon characters and flying around in a giant turtle-shaped airship with their imaginary cartoon friends—I told you things would get weirder—takes “the natural appeal of animals,” at least according to PBS, “and harnesses it toward the goal of teaching science concepts to children ages 6-8.”

All sounds good, right? To make a long story short, “Wild Kratts Live” was everything every crazed 8-and-under American in that auditorium dreamed it would be. Martin and Chris, live and in the flesh, bounced around in various absurd animal suits, pretended to dodge evil animal-hating robots, and threw in a few good-natured pratfalls to boot. All the while, a giant screen broadcast their imaginary cartoon friends above the stage—cartoon friends that, intentionally or not, provide a powerful snapshot of the increasingly strange “girl power” craze sweeping the nation today.

Among the “Wild Kratts” supporting cast, there are two highly competent and knowledgeable females (Aviva, “a cool, fashionable, twenty-something who is well on her way to becoming the most accomplished inventor this planet has ever known!” and Koki, “an accomplished computer whiz with a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit”) paired with one hapless male, Jimmy, who is “insecure, hesitant, and unsure—that is until he gets a video game console in his hands!” Jimmy also, somewhat suspiciously, bears more than a passing resemblance to Shaggy from “Scooby-Doo.”

Just to hammer the “girls rule” message home, at one point during “Wild Kratts Live,” apropos of absolutely nothing, a crazed cartoon Aviva suddenly shouted to the crowd: “GIRLS ARE GREAT AT SCIENCE!” There was a moment of puzzled silence from the audience; then, of course, a smattering of obligatory clapping. Finally, after this awkward spurt of well-intentioned

I looked down the row at my three children, all boys. I looked at the many boys sitting around us, raptly staring at the stage. “Hey,” I whispered, poking one son. “Boys are great at science, too!” He nodded, noncommittal. Some cheap-looking robots, surrounded by billowing dry ice fumes, had invaded the stage.

Unfortunately, in its earnest quest for female empowerment, America—never quite good at moderation, and always quite good at fighting the last battle—is quietly and methodically marginalizing boys. Every day, through various media campaigns, America’s boys absorb countless messages that girls can do anything—and that they deserve our unending attention and adoration. When it comes to boys, however, the cacophony of “dream big” media encouragement falls oddly silent. The assumption, one supposes, is that the giant, sinister swath of oppressive male “privilege,” supposedly inherited by young boys, speaks for itself.

Spend any Saturday watching the Disney Junior channel—I actually don’t recommend this, as a general life rule—and you’ll see countless reruns of a promotional ad for “Dream Big, Princess,” a new, three-year ad campaign celebrating girls and the thousands of remarkable things they can do with their lives: Science! Karate! Gymnastics! Traveling to the moon! Running for president! Promotional signage for “Dream Big, Princess” has already appeared in some Target stores; in the television ad, as the music swells, triumphant girls are celebrated as “champions.” Any young boys watching the ad, amid its quasi-messianic strains, could be forgiven for thinking they were born into a far inferior, far less magical sex.

Chevron, for its part, recently announced the “Doers” campaign, which aims to encourage girls to move into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers. “Girls do remarkable things with STEM!” their ad declares, after showing a bevy of bright, spunky girls changing the world. Say what you will about the need to encourage more girls to go into STEM—and that’s a whole other conversation—but to an impressionable child, the message of the campaign is quite clear: Girls are special. Boys don’t merit attention.

Brawny paper towels, not to be outdone, recently launched the “Strength Has No Gender” campaign. “The brand chose women who embody strength and resilience in male-dominated fields,” AdWeek reported. “Each woman stars in a short documentary showing how she has overcome adversity. They all sport the traditional red and black Brawny Man flannel, too.”

Here’s a question: If strength really has no gender, why are we obsessively promoting one gender, over and over and over again?

Sadly, many of America’s “empowerment” warriors, woefully stuck in the past, can’t quite seem to promote a message of true inclusiveness. It’s really quite simple: Both girls and boys can change the world. Unfortunately, I guess, that makes for a really boring ad.

[This commentary was originally published on “REALCLEARPOLITICS.COM”  (

Heather Wilhelm is a writer based in Austin,Texas. Her work can be found at and her Twitter handle is @heatherwilhelm ]

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