By Steven Laib
You have noticed that “racist” has become a magic word. Incant it to win a debate; at least in a PC-infected court. This (ab)use of a word is thought provoking. The same happened to “fascist” or terms such as “super”. Everything has become super –unless it is “racist”. Thus, castrated though unthinking dilution, ”super” means after its devaluation a polite “not too bad”.

Using the racist club has its benefits. Some apply the term in a manner that recalls Pavlov’s dog’s salivation. It scores with the crowd that cares more for neon colored labels than for thinking. Comparable, now abounding terms, are becoming the intellectually limited person’s philosophy.

Let us determine what, in the distortion mirror of fashionable pop culture, “racist” means. Ascertain who fits the term once the shroud of confusion recedes. To facilitate that, is the insolent purpose of this partial guide. However, from here you proceed at a risk. You provoke certification as a racist, a category that, on an equal opportunity basis, is open to all; especially to the otherwise innocent.

You can become a racist by being a stubborn skeptic. To qualify, if accused of racism when “they” run out of arguments, you remain determined to continue to read.
You will become a racist if you recognize in the following an applicability to certain elements whose transgressions one is not supposed to notice.

A racist claims for himself performance unrelated superiority and its privileges.
A racist, if he lags behind the average, feels that, due to his ignored virtues, he loses because he is victimized by a conspiracy of folks that have actually achieved by methods he refuses to adopt.

A racist demands atonement to benefit a category of persons that includes him. The claim is made at the expense of living supposed perpetrators of past wrongs whose ancestors – and also those of the victims – have passed away decades ago.

A racist believes that any lack in status/income is unrelated to his earlier refusal to acquire skills through education. If social stratification correlates with “race”, the result must express discrimination. Remedial government interference to correct the “prejudices” of meritocracy shall overcome the discriminatory discrepancy

A racist finds racism if the actual “culture” of his group correlates with an unfavorable position on the scale of socially recognized achievement. Denying the cause (cherished bad habits) and effect (low status) excludes the possibility of an upgrade within progressive systems. (In this case, a “revolution” to smother it becomes an essential.)

A racist is likely to demand immunity from society’s norms, such as those stated in criminal codes, because he claims it is “retaliation” and expresses present victimhood due to injuries incurred generations ago.

A racist is freed of the present’s crime and punishment principle; he is also liberated from any clear-cut meaning of race. The benefits of victimhood have created new “races” that did not exist a few years before. This responds to PC norms and the pseudo-categories of endangered species proclaimed by it. Hitler is an even more outstanding illustration than Ms. Dolezal’s miraculous transformation: he promoted his Japanese allies to become “honorary Arians”.

A racist will profess that his claims are determined by his belonging to a sub-category of the human race that is somehow deserving of favoritism. This confirms his moral superiority and the inferiority of others. If combined with a right-left worldview, then white “heteros;” especially their male mutants, are suspected deviants, which further upgrade their critics within the “virtuous” category.

A racist assumes that the ability to live by the norms of an economic-political theory that will free mankind from bondage is related to the traits of his collective identity. Note: In case that, “mankind” above, did not cause you to twitch, you have qualified yourself as a racist.

A racist knows that using violence, destruction, and expropriations (PC incorrectly put “robbery”) in the course of non-violent protests, is a right of those who display the proper traits. “Frustration” and “anger” empower them to express aspirations.

A racist is a person that demands for his group the privilege of immunity from the law of the land as a birthright, which should be “self-evident”.

A racist depicts that which rates as a crime, in the case of those that are not his brothers, to be a legitimate act. It will be labeled as a part of the “struggle for freedom” as long as members commit them.

A racist will, without blushing demand for his tribe not equal chances but guaranteed results through quotas.

A racist is inclined to put collective (racially expressed) rights above personal rights. This explains the attraction of totalitarian ideologies and in the present the sympathy for poverty-generating socialism.

A racist, when in control, as the IS, Putin’s Russia etc., shows, will establish a dictatorship. In these, the suppression of “minority” rights, vigorously demanded while not in power, will be elevated to the status of a program.

A racist – and this might be his most significant trait – is someone who, even if the definition fits him, will violently deny the possibility of being a racist. (It walks like a duck, it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, but it is “verboten” to call it a duck.)

A racist will react to that suspicion by declaring it to be proof that the implied lack of “respect” makes the holder of the thought into a racist. PC demands: If western, developed, etc., you may, being tainted, not call a racist a racist. Where the shoe fits, it will be claimed that certain groups cannot, by post-colonial standards, be racists themselves.

Thus, the worst form of practical racism is when a certified victim group declares under the threat of racism, that it clan cannot be racist!


Steven Laib is the Assistant Editor of "Intellectual Conservative" []

After growing up as a congenital conservative, to his eternal shame, in Berkeley, California and living most of his life in the San Francisco Bay Area, he obtained refugee status from the Republic of Texas and moved to the suburbs of Houston, where he became a legal consultant, largely working for the oil and gas industry.

He is a member of the California State Bar, the United States Supreme Court Bar, and holds a MS in Taxation in addition to his JD.

He is one of Intellectual Conservative's most prolific writers, having published his first piece at about the time of the DC Beltway Sniper incident.

He is married to the daughter of the late commanding officer of the national artillery school of the Republic of Vietnam Army, and has become an avid follower of Vietnamese music and Asian Wuxia movies.

Occasionally he functions as Intellectual Conservative's correspondent on Southern and Eastern Asian affairs.


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