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Trust me, I always lie!

 -- An Age In Which The Attorney General Was Held In Contempt Of Congress, And An Age In Which The Attorney General Refused To Prosecute An IRS Manager Who Willfully Used The IRS Against Political Opponents Of Barack Obama!

By John Lillpop

Thanks to that ‘lump of coal’, as deposed Senate Leader Harry Reid jocularly refers to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Loretta Lynch has been confirmed by the US Senate to serve as Attorney General of the United States.

Ms. Lynch is now officially free to pursue the destruction of America by following the hideous path set by her predecessor, the notorious Eric Holder.

In a just and genuinely transparent society, Eric Holder would leave Washington, D.C. bound in handcuffs and ankle bracelets, and transported via armored truck, or government drone, to a maximum security federal facility for the criminally insane, where he would spend the rest of his days enduring the bitter fruits of his crimes.

In particular, his crimes include participation in, and cover up of, the scandalous “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scheme -- a ploy designed to embarrass 2nd Amendment advocates, but which backfired miserably into a major exposé of corruption and crime in the Obama administration.

For his criminal behavior, Holder was charged with  “Contempt of Congress”  by the U.S. House of Representatives, the first and only such pejorative issued to the head of the Department of Justice in American history.

Holder further disgraced his high public office of trust by suborning justice in the case of Lois Lerner, the IRS ‘professional’ who deliberately manipulated IRS resources against conservatives in an unlawful attempt to inject “Nixonian” tactics into the play book of the ‘most transparent’ administration in history.

As history records, Richard Nixon was forced to resign the presidency for his transgressions, whereas Eric Holder has successfully shielded Barack Obama from the hungry jaws of justice.

Among his more hostile acts was Holder’s racially motivated behavior in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting and riots, where DOJ encouraged & supported criminals in the “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot” fraud, crimes that could have wrongly convicted white police officer Darren Wilson of murder.

The fact that black fraud merchants in Ferguson were on a mission to destroy a white police officer seemed to escape the attention of Holder as he pursued his rebel-rousing rhetoric against white law enforcement.

Of course, Holder views his six-year stint at DOJ in a much more accepting light:

Holder believes that history will see his term as the “Golden Years” of the DOJ:

Here's what this chronic dissembler had the 'chutzpah' to say to his corruption-prone employees:

“I think 50 years from now, maybe even sooner than that, people will look at the work you all did and say this was another golden age. There’s a long line of excellence in the United States Department of Justice; but every now and again, at an appropriate time, a group comes along that is worthy of special recognition. And you all are in fact one of those groups. I am proud of you. I am proud of you.”

A “golden age,” Mr. Holder?

(1) An age in which the Attorney General was held in contempt of Congress?

(2) An age in which the Attorney General refused to prosecute an IRS manager who willfully used the IRS against political opponents of Barack Obama?

(3) An age in which the Department of Justice was more an advocacy agency for blacks (for purely the purely political purpose of attracting votes) than an independent, unbiased instrument of justice for all Americans?

“Golden Years,” for whom, Mr. Holder?

(a) For those who would use government to oppress and prosecute political enemies?

(b) For those who use government to illegally run guns in order to discredit those who choose to respect the terms of the 2nd Amendment?

(c) For those who defy Dr. Martin Luther King’s call for a color-blind system of justice?

Golden Years, Mr. Holder?
[ John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal -- “clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat.

But please pray for John: He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people like Nancy Pelosi are actually considered normal.

John can be reached at: ]

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