Obama Never Learns, Even After Six Years He Doesn’t Know What to Do
-- Please, Mr. President: No More Tax Increases; No More Unnecessary Spending; No More Government Growth … Implementing Those Three Items Would Take Care Of Illegal Aliens And Gifts To Foreign Countries That Have Sworn To Dislike And Even Hate Us!

By Jerry McConnell

The elections that took place in November 2014 must have told the Socialist Democrats in Congress and the anti-Christian, pro Islam Obama Administration that the great majority of the country’s citizens are fed up with ever-increasing taxes, mindless and killing profligate spending and more growth in deficit creating, and Obama-welfare-type government.

Why is it that the simple message of “NO” sent by the voters in the 2014 elections, is not understood by these myopic, warp-minded, socially and governmentally bankrupt do-gooders who say they’re for the “little people” when in fact they’re actually strangling those same people?

And further, why are there so many followers of these bankrupt and country-killing do-gooders who give this feckless and incompetent sorry excuse for a country leader a 40-something percent approval rating when they are the ones he is killing, smoothly, but not softly?

Of course, I could probably answer my own question by citing the fact that here on the land which the above ‘sorry excuse for a country leader’ performs his inefficient, and unfair favoritism decisions, “nearly HALF of the country pay NO income taxes whatsoever” per Jon Dougherty of in his online article of February 03, 2015 titled, ‘Obama’s 2016 Budget Request is more taxing, more spending, more government’.

Speaking of the above article authored by Jon Dougherty, he adds a synopsis of his informative piece by stating at the beginning, “Tax the rich (and everyone else), grow the government, and never worry about paying off the national debt - that pretty much sums up President Obama’s 2016 budget request.”

Dougherty’s synopsis pretty much also sums up my opinion of this charlatan of a “lame duck” leader who never has been guilty of being a leader. But in public statements he is more clown than clairvoyant, giving clever and cute little facial manipulations for impact where his words need covering up or disguise so the real intent is not obvious.

Obama has been personally responsible for the greatest increase in our country’s national debt which has increased astronomically during his seven years in office probably more than the combined total of all 43 of his successors in the office of POTUS. And it hasn’t been anywhere close to being beneficial to the country; in fact, it has put our fiscal situation on shakier ground than even our world leadership position, which declines almost daily in critical matters.

When a country as small as Jordan can one-up our joker president, as its king did recently by retaliating the ISIS Islamic monster of death in a very painful attack for the less than animalistic and barbarous burning to death of a live captured Jordanian prisoner, it speaks very negatively of the fecklessness and uncertainty of our presidential Usurper.

But back to America’s financial woes and the antics of an unqualified buffoon occupying the single most important political office of POTUS. As Jon Dougherty says in his article mentioned above, “Another year of the Obama presidency, another budget that does nothing to control spending and seeks to transfer even more wealth from the nation’s most successful and productive.”

If there was any doubts that Obama may have listened to the warning signals that were sent up by the Republicans in their sweeping victories and recapture of total Congressional control, they should be swept out with the debris of the defeated Liberal Democrats in 2014.

Obama appears to be unable to learn from events as clear and loud as were apparent in those election results. He still thinks that higher taxes, more spending and more government are the cures for higher taxes, more spending and bigger government. There has to be a medical term for a malady of that nature, but he is going about fixing or controlling it with insanity, by repeating the same thing and expecting different results.

As reported by The Hill, President Obama is proposing a 2016 budget that spends nearly $4 trillion, the centerpiece of which is additional taxes on “the wealthy” and on businesses, the two economic demographics that already contribute (by far) the bulk of the nation’s income taxes.

Mr. Dougherty quotes this Obama message when speaking to Congress: “These proposals will put more money in middle-class pockets, raise wages and bring more high-paying jobs to America. To pay for them, the budget will cut inefficient spending and close tax loopholes to make sure that everyone pays their fair share.”

There are multitudes of American citizens that would really like to know just what he means by saying that. Just what is a “fair share”? And how does Obama justify saying that when damn near half of the people in this country do not even pay ONE PENNY in income taxes and yet, receive a check from the government along with food stamps that are just like money. And, unbelievably, one of Obama’s proposals I heard mentioned, is a TAX CUT FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS! This sounds like more of Obama’s “moon-dust” dreams.

And what should we think about these proposals that as Obama says “will put more money in middle-class pockets”? I consider that I am in the middle class and I’d like to know how much I’m gonna get and when it will start coming and for how long will it come?

Seriously, all of us had better start hammering our Congressional Representatives and Senators to tell Obama that he has had all the goodies he is going to get. The voters told government in 2014, “No more tax increases; No more unnecessary spending; and No more government growth. Those three items would take care of illegal aliens and gifts to foreign countries that have sworn to dislike and even hate us.

[Jerry McConnell is a longtime resident of planet earth with one half century on the seacoast of NH. He is a community activist but promises not to run for President and he feeds ACORN’s to the squirrels. He can be emailed at ]

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